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PPC Coaching For Small Business

When it comes to small businesses and PPC. There are three big problems:

Poor ROI

Paying someone else to run a small scale project will automatically reduce the cost-effectiveness by a considerable amount.

Worse ROI

Doing it yourself with little or no experience is almost certain to be (let’s be very polite and say) “a little less cost-effective than it could”.

And Then This

You can probably relate to the previous two scenarios but there is a third problem. This very common problem will kill any project instantly.

We don’t try to sell you expensive PPC services.

We show you how to do it yourself and we will get you started for FREE!

Paying For PPC Management?

Increase your return on investment instantly by saving £££’s in management fees.

Find out if pay per click marketing was ever a good choice for your business type and location.

PLUS! Discover the huge mistake and #1 reason why most small businesses never make PPC profitable.

Doing It Yourself?

We will help you set up your project correctly and show you how to manage and refine it.

Will PPC ever be really profitable for your business? We can usually tell you in minutes.

PLUS! Discover the huge mistake and #1 reason why most small businesses never make PPC profitable.

Extra profit isn’t the only thing you can expect from our 15-minute FREE session

The Ultimate PPC E-Book

Paul Smith spent 14 years as a professional PPC consultant/account manager and now all of his best tips are packed into one, easy to digest e-book.

Learn how to refine your PPC campaigns and turn them into profit-making machines with this comprehensive guide to pay per click campaign management.

After reading Paul’s book. You will be able to: write successful ads that will increase your profits, and help you, target your perfect buyers and much more. Run a laser-focused campaign and squeeze every ounce of ROI, without paying someone else a hefty chunk of your profits.

Yours for FREE when you sign up for your 15 minutes PPC health check.

Local Search Audit & offer of a free consultation

Sometimes there’s no need to pay for clicks at all. Depending on your business type and location. You could be getting top quality business leads for free.

With our free local search audit. We can tell you if your business is ripe to make a killing and show you how.

Get a ton of comprehensive information about how the search engines see your website and the offer of a FREE local search consultation. Only when you book your FREE PPC consultation.


One short form, 15 minutes of your time and you could be hundreds of pounds better off!

We don’t think that
MOST small businesses can ever achieve a truly cost-effective campaign if they are paying someone else to run it.

We would rather help you to set up your own campaign and set you on the path to a more profitable future.

Fill out our short form. Check us out with a FREE 15 minute one to one with our DIY PPC expert. Discover the biggest killer of PPC campaigns and decide if we are worth the money!

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    What Can We Do In 15 Minutes?

    1.  Is your business type suitable for PPC? It depends on various factors but some business types are naturally going to find it hard to ever make PPC profitable. Unlike companies that will happily take your money, to run your campaign. We will tell you if PPC is unlikely to work for you.
    2. Is your campaign focused enough? Without needing to get inside your campaign. Our expert will help you to evaluate your existing campaign by asking you a few questions and giving advice.
    3. The big secret: When it comes to PPC. Nearly all small businesses and far too many PPC companies make the same fatal mistake and it’s like signing your campaigns death warrant. You should find out what this mistake is before you pay another penny for PPC because it’s a stone, cold killer. Our expert will reveal all and tell you how to fix it.

    So what are you waiting for? Spend 15 minutes with our PPC guru and see if he’s worth his salt. It’s 100% FREE!